Ben sees music as an emotional language that can convey great meaning across cultural divides. In high school, when a neighbor gave him an old beat-up acoustic guitar, he discovered the instrument that would become the vehicle, but it would always be his voice and his songwriting in the driver's seat of his career. He was booking concert stages while he was still in high school, and in college he pioneered a band that played in the Birmingham area. It was during that season that some unusual experiences playing music in drug rehabs and juvenile prisons started to set a course for his career. He met his wife and bandmate, Robin, in 1993. They toured together in an indie-rock duo called 100 Portraits through much of the 90’s and played over a 125 concerts a year in clubs, bars, coffeehouses, and university towns playing a fusion of indie-rock, singer- songwriter, alt-folk, and world. During this season he saw his music career gain altitude, their concert booking exploded, and their travels took him through hundreds of college campuses, the gritty indie- folk of the 90’s music scene, and tours as far as India, Brazil, and China. The glue that held it all together was his growing interest in being a voice of encouragement and spiritual support as a songwriter.

Ben Pasley’s most prominent musical success came with his production of an 10 album series of recordings called Enter The Worship Circle, spanning 1998 to 2015. All the album were collaborations, mostly prayers sung by passionate indie-folk musicians in a way that invite people to sing along, and many were stolen from the Psalms. These albums include songs re-recorded hundreds of times, #1 chart placements, and a song that hit one million plays on Spotify in 2018. Presently, Ben is still producing new music and videos, touring as a solo artist and as an indie band, and booking concerts from his base in Colorado.

Ben has seen a lot of life. He has suffered both pain and incredible joy in relationships, successes and failures as a pioneer, and the wild ride of marriage and parenthood ... and he brings that all to his music. He seems to have one main obsession: he loves bringing hope to those who feel like outsiders. His almost irreverent sense of honesty creates a wild mix of playful, eccentric, serious, and insight. His veteran-ship gives him a confidence on stage, and his lyrical wit usually wins even those who may not first be attracted to his southern soul. His music invites people in. It might be his voice, however, above all—the kind of voice that calls people to listen to every word, and hang on the emotional resonance of a cry that seems to come from somewhere powerful and rich—that will keep this concert experience in your favorites list for along time to come.


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