Ben Pasley was born in Alabama in 1966. He learned to fly fish on still water, catch crawdad on a string, and navigate kudzu without getting the itchies. Later on he earned a BA Degree from Samford University in 1989 a half a semester late because Hebrew was written backwards and he made his second semester Philosophy professor mad.  Nothing of any real consequence happened in his life until he met Robin Weisinger and spent all his money and skills to change her name to Robin Pasley in 1994.  They live together still in Woodland Park, CO with their two boys, Zane and Xander.

Here is a bullet point list of biographical and newsworthy notes:

  • In 1993 Ben formed the beginnings of the Blue Renaissance Creative Group, a non-profit organization that fused faith and art to create many tours, albums, literary works, and creative presentations from that day until now.
  • From 1994 until 2000 Ben And Robin performed over 125 outreach concerts a year as the band, 100 Portraits which was Ben and Robin’s first musical identity…and focused on state university campus touring in the 1990’s.
  • Enter The Worship Circle a worship music series, is one of their most well known musical products, and was first released in 1999 because Ben and Robin wanted to create a worship album for university student culture.
  • From 2000 to 2005 Ben worked to train hundreds of artists and pioneeers some of whom moved to Colorado Springs for something that was almost, but not really, a Blue Renaissance Creative Group artist-missionary training school.
  • Enter The Worship Circle has now sold well over 100,000 units of the, now, 8 album collection. (Two new albums were released in 2007.) Follow them on YouTube!
  • Ben Pasley’s first book was published by Relevant Media in 2001 entitled Enter The Worship Circle and sold almost 8,000 copies before it was returned to Ben Pasley for independent publishing.
  • In 2007 Ben launched the website to grow his podcast and big-article blog format of encouragements on loving and leading the family Jesus loves, but now it has evolved into this, an even more personal platform, at!
  • In 2013 Kingdom IQ was launched to provide a more focused learning experience for those wanting to mature in basic kingdom life. A weekend retreat format quickly evolved into a 5 month learning season from January-May 2014 where hundreds joined the free email delivery of Learning Guides and joined local cohorts for growing together. Kingdom IQ is being transformed into a “boxed” set of learning materials for release in 2014. Subscribe to Ben’s podcasts: iTunes Ben Pasley Podcast, and Subscribe to his email delivery streams for encouragements and teachings.
  • Ben has authored and published several books available here at this site and at Amazon.
  • The donation links on this site are an invitation for you to just say thanks, or to get behind what we are doing here with some financial support.  Here is a basic donation page. We have been receiving donations as a foundation stone in our ministry work since 1993 and the donation will be professionally received and receipted through the Blue Renaissance Creative Group, a non-profit charted in the State of Colorado with a sharp oversight board and a clear sense of ministry purpose.
  • On a more personal note, Ben presently loves trout, but not trout fisherman and is constantly looking for ways to meet one without the other.  He would rather work on his old house most days than do any work for others, and enjoys smoking meats with friends for personal consumption. When he does work he loves the new challenge of writing books, and finding ways to help leaders excel.


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