Hi, my name is Ben Pasley. I am a published author, song writer, music producer, performer, public speaker, creative coach, pastor, leadership equipper, and fly fisherman. I might be best known for the worship music series Enter The Worship Circle, but in this website I bring you the articles, big essays, and podcasts all focused on equipping you as a follower of Jesus, and as kingdom-family leaders.

My first encouragement is that you subscribe to my email delivery and choose which “stream” you would like. You can see the categories of my writing in the top bar of this website, but I will explain them here:

Kingdom IQ: A series of writings and podcasts focused on basic kingdom life maturity. Stuff for everyone. You can access every single article in the training season, listen to all the podcasts, and utilize all the materials in your learning community groups right now. Great for small groups. I am working on a book and resource kit to be released in a small group 10-pack by the fall of 2014.

Leadership Development: Articles designed for pastors, pioneers, and those who oversee the family of God. This stream is how this website began, and it contains articles that go back many years. Once you visit this section of the website the “tag cloud” you will find may help you narrow down some of your interests, but the Learning Categories listed in the left menu bar show how all my articles, including the Kingdom IQ posts, are macro-organized.

Worship Circle News: Encouraging worship and worshipers through the music of Enter The Worship Circle. I wanted to write personal recommendations, and personal insights for fans of the Worship Circle series to keep everyone up to date on what my comrades were doing, as well as what is noteworthy in our enormous worship music collection. These posts appear at www.entertheworshipcircle.com, but originate here at my personal website.

My second encouragement is that you enjoy the books I have published over the last several years available right here, in paperback! I can ship you one book, but I can also ship you a pack of 10 at ridiculous discounts for use among your comrades as a discipleship tool, or even for resale in your bookstore. I am working on a new book for release very soon, so let’s stay in touch. Please enjoy yourself, and feel free to use any and all of these resources in your personal studies, and to help you lead your small groups, or teach in your fellowships. If I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me.

Ben Pasley






Ben Pasley

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