Do you like Free Stuff? 1

Of course you love free stuff … at least if it’s quality stuff! I want to express my thankfulness for those of you who have taken the time to post reviews of my books or my albums at important online venues. The time you took to post a personal note on how one of my creative resources helped you, challenged you, or even disappointed you (the only thing worse than being reviewed poorly is never being reviewed at all) is of extreme value to me. I am such a small fish in an ocean of voices. Thanks for lifting me […]


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You’re Invited to Worship@8500

Friends far and wide! Whether you’re curious about Jesus or whether you’ve been walking with him for a lifetime, Worship@8500 is a time for you to retreat from the demands and distractions of daily life into a space of rest, rejuvenation, and worship. The retreat is June 25-28, 2015. The beautiful and historic Bear Trap Ranch is 30 minutes West of Colorado Springs, CO, but feels truly remote–a place for peace, laughter, memory-making, and adventure. Space is limited so reserve your space now. Our local teaching and ministry team will be on hand for both personal interaction and encouragement, as well leadership in worship, teaching, and healing. This […]

Elementary Book Giveaway

I am offering 5 free Elementary books in a special Giveaway through Goodreads! I am new to Goodreads as an active author, but I thought it would be nice to make friends in that community, and to invite you to join me there by offering this special free giveaway. Simply visit the link below and sign up! Invite your friends, forward this email. Goodreads decides the winners and then I ship the books! Elementary is my latest work, and is a very encouraging read through some of the most basic teachings of the leaders of the early Church, the apostles, […]



Go Wild With Your Money

Invite you to go wild with your money this year! Well, at least wild in the arena of giving. There are not many places where we can express our love for God, our trust in his heart for us, and our absolute agreement with the Kingdom of God like we can with our money. It’s the first of the year and a perfect time to consider how we will sow into beautiful, eternal things over the coming months. First, let me invite you to consider sowing into those who love you and care for your spiritual lives. I have written many […]